when the sun goes down.

I'm embracing myself. Crossing my arms in front of my chest. Laying on my back, looking up in the sky. Letting the tears drop down just like rain from above. I'm closing my eyelids so hard it's becoming wrinkles in the corner of my eyes. Don't touch me my lips are squeezing forward. Don't touch me. And then the whole world is flashing by. And then I know there's no me. I'm not even embracing myself.

in my imagination there's fairys sprinkling glitter everywhere.

I'm seeing this something in front of me. This blue paperbag of something. I'm a moment from pushing it away. Throwing it on the other seat. Squeezing it in among the other insignificant things. I'm an instant from doing an action without thought. We went to get it you're saying. I'm stiffen. Stopping my movement. I'm losing my sight for a moment. Losing my breath. Losing my pulse. This is not something I'm thinking. This is everything.

when the soul asks you why the birds fly by instinct and not you.

I'm looking into your eyes. I'm within your sparkling look. I can't see anything else than you. I'm caught in the moment. In the magic feeling. People are waving with their hands. Screaming out loud. The music is pulsating. But I can only see your eyes. Taste your words and feel your smile.

that moment when you miss one step on the stairs, and you think you're about to die.

My mind is flying in the wind. I'm letting my fingers follow the wallpattern. I'm admiring the golden lines. Turning around seeing your face. Bursting out in laugh and running down the stairs. Feeling the stiff wooden steps under my feet. Stumbling and grabbing for the rounded railing. Hearing your loud footsteps after me. Knowing that you're closing up.

letting the bodycolour rain down back to the ocean.

My bodymolecules are screaming. You're stuck on my retina. You're flashing by over and over again. I'm grabbing the blanket and closing my eyes. Feeling the pain hammering in my belly. Increasing with every loud breath. I'm struggeling to force the air down in my lungs. I'm swallowing. Repeating please be okey. Please be okey. Over and over again. My hands are aching 'cause I've squeezed them so hard. My lungs are sored. Trying to inhale all the toxins. Trying to breath by its own.

Space will always remember our galactic magic. That's why I see you in the stars.

I remember when I was your northern star. I was the one who made your life sparkle like a golden star. You were the one who made my life like a souldance. I danced through pain. I danced through nights. I danced through the sun. I took every step with a certain flow 'cause your galactic energy was always surrounding me like a bubble. You didn't have to speak. I didn't have to prove. We were in sync. Just like the moon and stars.

life will always be beautiful even though we're holding hands in different ways.

It feels like I'm walking in a fairytale. My golden curls are shining in the moonlight. The snowflakes are dancing down from the sky. Lodging on my eyelashes. The trees are comfortably embracing me and I'm walking on their shadows. My shoes are softly pushing the snow down with a whispering sound. I'm smiling. Remembering when we held hands. Shared souls. Did the forbidden. And how it turned different, but still so beautiful.

we can drive back and forth and still see different trees

I'm staring down at the ground. Gazing roughly. Like it's an endless hole. My eyes are red and my smile is indifferent. My body feels like iron melting and my hands are clutching to the wooden bench. I'm leaning forward, ready to collapse. My heart is struggling for every contraction. The blood is pushing forward in my veins. You're whispering in my left ear but I'm just shaking my head apathetic. Leave me alone I'm whispering slowly. Just go.

I'm licking the honey of my Own lips.

You're looking at me like I'm a glazed piece of candy. I'm nervously biting my red lips when your hand is reaching for me in the air. You're pulling my waist next to yours. I'm tensing my muscles, trying to unfold your grip around me. Please, please....please your begging is echoing in my head like a hammering headache. Your fingers are fiddling with my sweater and I'm expanding my nostrils in a huge breath. Staring with my eyes wide open on the ground.

I have to go I'm repeating. I have to go. I want to go. I'm smiling into your begging beautiful eyes 'cause you're a creature of love. But I'm not your glazed candy. I'm not your christmas cracker. And you're not going to lace up the glittering red cover.

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