when you don't dare telling the real truth

You're shutting down the tv. Saying my name with that serious voice. My heart is hurtling. The beat is now twice as fast. I'm swallowing. Gazing at the silent screen. Counting the seconds. Please don't. Just don't.

I'm....sorry...for not being there, protecting you....during those times.....but. Your words are pounding inside of me. I'm remaining silent but my body is screaming of pain. Flashbacks are overflowing me like tsunamis. I'm tightening my fists. Trying to breath. Please don't bring it up.

I'm looking down on myself like I'm dead in heaven. Seeing myself laying there on the ground. Wounded. Beaten. Bruised. Crying. And you're walking by. Closing your eyes, 'cause you don't wanna see.


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