Tracking Treasure Down. I know this will be something.

I'm pulling the match quickly on the side of the matchbox. Looking how the splinter burst up in a beautiful flame which I'm leading against the wick. I'm laying down, looking at the fire of the three candles swaying in the morning-air. Feeling how the hair-covered eyes of my marvelous dog are peeking at me. I'm glancing at him and his whole being smiles in a second. I can see how happy this creature is. He can barely stand 'cause he is waving the tail so much.

I'm bursting out in laugh while feeling the love of the universe surrounding me. Cuddling down in this cosy feeling of happiness. I'm on the right track in life now, it's sometimes painful but it's beautiful 'cause I'm allowing to feel what I used to suffocate with other things. I'm tracking magic.


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