I'm surrounded by the water, the blue deep mysterical water

The floor feels like cotton. My body feels like lead. My eyes are closed and my smile is tuned up. And I'm sinking into the cosyness.

I could be a ship floating in the sea. Bouncing on the surface. Surrounded by the smoothly fondling water. What I feel is pure happiness. What I feel is a pure smile. What I feel is magical.

twinkling diamonds brighten up

I'm looking at the lightening blue sky. Waiting for the sunrise. Counting the minutes. Smiling more and more as the nuance gets lighter. Feeling the heat in my veins. Feeling the music in my soul. Starting from the centre of my heart. Germinating through my arteries, nerves and muscles.

My breath becomes to steam because of the dank air. The colour of my lips turn more against mauve then red.  The sun is now facing me, dazzling my eyes. Shining into my soul. And I'm letting myself go.

when consciousness run and fetch your world

Like a wave the memory threw itself over my being. Like a tsunami the feelings assailed me. Blocked my throat and strangled my soul.

I looked up and gazed on the wall. Felt my breathing reaching every obstacle in the room. Pushing everything further away from me with it's energy. Making me stare even harder on the golden patterned wallpaper.

Feeling the memory in my whole body. Feeling the feelings. The touch. The words. Repeating it over and over again. Looking into your eyes. And then I'm gone.

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