If I was a breathing cookie, would you eat me?

What if I could paint you like a rainbow. What if I could draw the magical lines natural as the sunhines ray. What if you could bedazzle my physical body. Arm my body against outer power. Embrace my soul smootly with your clouds. Follow every colour with a gentle touch. Loving every colour like it's own.

You're tracking magic.

I'm not a word. I'm not a line.

My body notified me. My body sent the signals. My body sent me the dizzyness. The exhaustment. The black curtain in front of my retina. I laughed at myself. I pulled the black curtains to cover my whole body. My soul.

I didn't know how to listen. Or I didn't care about to listen. Maybe I just couldn't understand what to hear. I guessed the answer on my bodys question. My bodys longing. Like when you beat the dice. And you're waiting in suspense to know the answer.

I guessed right.

guarding your body like a bird circling over it's prey

The cold rain's streaming down my face. Feeling how the drops surrounding the lines of my nose. Touching my lips. Crossing my chin and letting go of my body. I'm staring at the road in front of my blue bicycle. Moving the wet wisp of hair from my eyes over and over again. Trying to generate the remembrance of your touch, as a real feeling.

what if sun made you to sunshine and dreams made you to moonlight

How do you know it's in your heart. How do you know the pounding heart has a reason. How do you know the contraction of your heart will still exist tomorrow. How do you know if the rush in your veins will fade in the darkness.

What if every craving. Longing. Frustration. Pain and relief. Had it's reason. It's own goal and mission. Like the missionaries wants you to believe in God. Or the athletes wants to hold the golden statue.

What if your heart could dance like freedom itself and make your dreams come true.

beautiful temptation

Twisting the curls around my finger. Looking at the smile in the mirror that's also twisted like red and white peppermintcandy. Letting the music go into my body with every breath. Like a fire of heat. Twisting like a poisonous snake.

But the poison isn't bitter or bloodcurdling. The poison is twisting but beautiful. The poison is like the tasteful candy. The poison is colourful and sweet but something makes you scared. You can't know what the consequence of the intoxication is.

the universe makes itself glisten

What if the stars were shining only for you. So bright. So blazing. So beautiful.

Or if a person was the star itself. What if the dazzling star almost made you blind. You had to turn around to not explode into millions of atoms by the look of the smiling star. The star of your eye.

What if you had found the star that made you flare. The one that made you shiver like the aspenleaves in the autumn-wind. Or the flags on the sailing boat. Would you risk to extinguish the golden star just for a simple graze?

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