I am the ocean. I am the sea. There is a world inside of me.

The world is flashing by my retina. In an instant I'm realizing how important it is to me. There's a kick of pain in my belly and I'm kneeling down. I'm squatting and crossing my arms around my waist. Closing my eyes. Feeling the fearful tears dripping down on my bare legs. The world keeps spinning in my head. And the speed turns my dizziness up. Please let the world be my magical truth I'm whispering.

if you just could be my feathers I would fly above the future

I'm closing my eyes. Inhaling. Exhaling. Hiding myself under the black rug. Squeezing the textile between my fingers. Pulling my legs up against my chest in a fetal position. Realizing this is a part of my childhood. When the dandelion stands in the middle of the desert. Trying to inhale the water through the roots. But the leaves are withering in the glowing sun and the petals are falling off, bit by bit. One by one. Heart by heart. 'Cause the eyes are closed, busy hiding.

we were shining so much more in the pitch-black sky.

You know the starlight. The way it shines. The way it smiles at your soul. Baby the thought of us makes me smile. We were inseperably entwined. We lived like one in the dark but we were each others stars. You know the way it shines. The stars that floats in the smoky black sky. You know they're dazzling. They're just like crystaldiamonds. Magic torn up from the coal mines. You know the starlight.

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