when you're strong enough to feel the power from within.

Feeling the gazing eyes on my body. Penetrating my bones. Like a drill when you're laying on the operationtable. But not fixing the fracture. Rather breaking the bones.

I'm facing the ground. Clasping against the wall. Making you space. Swallowing my beating heart. Tensing my muscles. Being prepared. Being the hunted deer while you're the beast of prey. Knowing there's no escape.

Kissed my eyes, sat on the bed And then said

Keep me in mind
you're singing into my soul. I can see your beautiful smile and shining eyes in front of me. I'm talking about the stars. Because they are just like you. My eyes are now like islands in the big pacific ocean. Wishing for the memories to get dried out. Wishing for my eyes to become like the desert. Wishing for you to become a grain of sand. But everytime you're coming with your lustrous eyes my whole soul turns into the big pacific.

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