Love is easy because if it's hard, then it's no longer love. Then it's just a word.

Did I see barriers when it all was waves? Did I see control when it all was emotions? Did I see doubt when it all was clear? Did I see fear when it all was meant to be free? Did I see sadness when it was meant to be happiness? I feared changes that was life. The constant change in time. You can't fear to drown or hold on to a wave that's already gone. Surf in freedom and you will find love. Emotions is just like waves. And you are the surfer.

Like a lung thats filled with coal, suffocating slow.

I smiled with those eyes that's glistening in the sky. Made them magic 'cause you were The magic. That's when you're asking yourself is this treasure or is this trash. Maybe I saw you as the end of the rainbow without any reason. Maybe you are the end of the rainbow but the distance is too long to reach for it. Maybe I got blinded by the sun behind the steam. Or maybe I smiled with those glistening eyes 'cause we both knew the same thing.

"There Ain't no reason things are this way.
It's how they always been and they intend to stay
I don’t know why I say the things I say, but I say them anyway"
-Ain't no reason.

if you would have known the world, would you have seen the rain.

There is a fence. A metal fence carving into your body. Shining in the black sky. Craving to choke your smiling young being. Vibrating for every movement. Trembling. Just like it's storm or minus fifty. It's nothing of this. The fence is your soul.

soldiers to guard and keep you company.

it's too cold outside for angels to fly.

will you be there when the day is done, under the same sun.

I'm standing on the shoreline darling. I'm standing where there's no point of standing. I'm crying with the beat of my heart. Ready to jump. Ready to swim. But I've decided to stay. Holding the railing with my shivering hands. Bending forward. Breathing the salty ocean into my lungs. Dropping down but still holding my slender fingers on the edge. Letting them slip bit by bit. Darling..... I'm standing on the shoreline.

you're the beautiful disaster flying over land and life

It's like electric shocks and I'm not sure whether to scream of fear or enjoy the hurricane. If I'm meant to feel the wind playing with my hair or let the power make me shiver from the bones and out. Because that's what you're doing, right.

You're chosing your life and your emotions. You're not stuck in a roller coaster where your only option is to scream. You Are the roller coaster itself and you're chosing the direction and speed. So you better lean back and make love with the wind.

There is a hell, believe me I've seen It. There is a heaven, let's keep it a secret.

My lungs are pulling itself into cramp and I'm staring at the ground. I'm feeling how the world is crashing down in my hands. I wanna place mine on yours. I wanna hold it gently over your mouth and make you silent. My lips are forming the words Please don't say anything. I don't wanna hold the world. I'm grasping for air and swollowing over and over again. Just like I'm trying to choke down the whole world but it's getting stuck in my throat and I'm suffocating right in front of you.

my spirit cages your fire and releasing your soul

I'm not on the inside locking out. I'm not on the outside locking in. I'm not beside locking at. I'm not above locking down. I'm not under locking up. I'm not in the middle being squeezed. I am wherever you think I am. Just like the breath filled with oxygen in your lungs. Or the sunbeam on your shoulder. I am with you.

you're building me inside the barrier and you ain't giving me a way to escape

The sun is reflected on my left eyelid and I'm emitting a smirk. Feeling the distance but yet so close. Feeling your hand grasping for mine but yet pushing it away. Feeling your smile digging through the cement-barrier but yet building it thicker. Feeling your love transmitted out from your eyes between your twinkeling. But yet turning your soul away.

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