electric twist

Am I watching? Are my eyes closed? Am I awake or sleeping? Am I alive? Stretching my arms in front of me. Breathing in my upper chest, fast. The air are touching my lungs so quickly I can't reach the oxygen. Suddenly my belly twist. 
The pain are bursting through my body. I can't breath. I can't breath. Bending my head backwards. Clenching my fists.
The intergalactic darkness are surrounding me. I'm alone. I can't breath. I'm in pain. I'm there. Screaming for help but nobody can hear me. Screaming for help but nobody can reach. Screaming for help but nobody can see
It's empty, Am I alive?


It's not a fairytale. Drinking the substance like it's water. This is not a fairytale the pictures in my head are whispering to me. There are no beautiful surroundings made of love and magic. There are no honesty and laughter. Drinking until the body burst. Because there is no other surviving option. 
Reaching out my hand saying Please save me. The saviour cut my throat and buried me in quicksand. Just sinking down to nowhere. Screaming out but there is no saviour. Because this is no fairytale.

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