I did wake up, but did I regret it


When you stop being cared but it still hurts and you want to let it go. Go away. Move. Fly away in the sky just like the birds.


Pretending I know how to move my wings. Fluttering quickly like a hummingbird. Glancing down -loosing my balance and presence. Breathing shallow in my upper lungs. Prepared to sink down like a bird shot in the head. Prepared to die.



so separated but still one

Isn't that what you do for the ones you love. It's a balance. It's give and take. It's a part of the process where you don't give your ego full access. It's a drive where love makes you do things which makes you grow out from your old shoes.


It's like a tree you nurture, take in and give out energies from the other. You breath together like One. Together we are whole.







there is another earth where I belong

It's speechless. Silent. In surround system. My being is on the highest vibration, constant flowing around. There are words I can't express. Write or speak.


There is love I can't tell. Love that flows in this heart of mine. All without it's soul. Silent. Secretly.


Is it painful? In vain. Does it last longer than my sight or is it mist along the hillside. Does my heart make assumptions to make this whole. Does my heart make science fiction to make us coexist. Lasting but loving in a different level where words can't evolve.


A level of submission and admission where marks and bruises won't be seen. Where wounds are love and love are ecstasy. Up and down like the hills in the sunrise. The beauty of it all.




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