Society. Where did it go.

Society. Where did it go. Where did it go lost. This world we have built, like an ego-burning pyramid. Where me and you, we stand there in the shallow water. With our legs sinking in the mud. Let us carry you. Let us change this, you and me together. The words are echoing but never landing. Who do we carry? Why do we build a planet on money. A shiny paper with colours and debt. Not depth. The profoundness we lost in the shallow paper. But the pyramid we built. On higher grounds.


I'm living on the edge of love and anger. Crawling back for pollutioned air. Swimming in brown wasted water. Can you see me, I whisper? Maybe my words aren't made of money and power. Maybe my being isn't perfect and loveble. Or maybe it's you, not being able to love what's beyond yourself.





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