Are you scared babe?


Are you scared babe? Your voice is harsh, almost commanding me between your lips formed in a contempt smile. Chuckling briefly. My vision is blurred, resting on your feet. Feeling how you lift your hand in the peripheri, heading against my face. I close my eyes.

Like an electric shock you stroke my cheek, following the contours of my face. I keep my eyes closed. Hearing my heartbeat in my ears. Breathing like a marathon runner.

Are you scared? You ask again.

I fill my lungs with a deep breath which feels like eternity. Sliding up my eyelids. Facing his glance. Penetrating his iris with my hunter eyes.

Am I scared? I ask him intrusively. Stepping way too close which makes him take one step backwards with wandering eyes.

No. Nothing frightens me. I'm a lion.


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