Confined in mountain halls we got too close to the flame

It was you. That was the answer for the pain. It wasn't the action. It wasn't the uncared egoistic move. It wasn't the disgust for you. It wasn't the disappointment. It wasn't the sadness. It wasn't what you did. What you did, to me. That wasn't what caused tha pain and shaking limbs. The heartache and numbness at the same time. It wasn't that, at all. None of it would have mattered. If it wasn't because you were the one who did it. The one I could trust.

Fine layered beside the unique snow flakes


The sun is landing, slowly terminating the day by closing up to the horizon. Tiny birds are chirping, stretching their wings from branch to branch. The green grass are timorously breaking through the sheltering earth. The soft soil that have protected mother earth through the winter, fine layered beside the unique snow flakes.


I'm watching the stone, your stone. The contrived stone with your name carved on while I'm held. My eyes are watered. I love you, you're whispering. And I'm shivering through my spine. Shivering with a rush of melancholic sadness and absence. Shivering of pain and weak knees, falling in your arms.


I love you too, in heaven. In earth. In sky. In universe. Repeating over and over in my head -I love you too. And I stop shivering, my body turns into the softest cotton. Breathing in and filling my lungs through every alveoli. And I know..... are here, right here. With me.




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